Feeling Melancholy: a trimeric poem #OctPoWriMo

air gripped by a crisp dampness
the autumn raindrops fall melodically
perfect night for a lunt with the old hound
when I wore a younger man’s clothes

the autumn raindrops fall melodically
playing a song of sweet reminisce
images flicker of days now long gone

perfect night for a lunt with the old hound
a windcap on my pipe, army field jacket on my back
the pair keeping tobacco and pipeman dry

when I wore a younger man’s clothes
that’s what I would be doing this hour
now an old man who only dreams of what might’ve been

Though I’ve bot looked, I doubt this goes with the prompt for today at OctPoWriMo. But I’m linking it anyway ;0)

Under: a haiku 

I should be well into dreamland by now; I’m exhausted. But I have these nasty things I not-so-affectionately call the night terrors: neuropathic pains left over as a result of the nerve damage I suffered years ago from CES. (If you look at my Maybe I Should’ve Started Here page you can learn more about all that.) As my nickname for them implies, they almost always strike at night, and come at completely random times. Often when they come I’m in such misery I can do nothing but writhe in pain. Occasionally they are mild enough to prevent me from sleeping but allow me to concentrate enough to read or, less often, write; usually what I can write while they torture me isn’t worth reading. But every now again I compose a piece that’s pretty good; this is one of those nights. 

Inspired by the prompt from Haiku Horizons this week, I thought about the not-so-subtle changing of the seasons this year which painted my mind with these images and then my screen in the words.  

blanket of leaves 

under blanket of
yellow orange and red leaves
lies end of summer 

Pen and Muse: a pair of #haiku 

I’m enjoying a little quiet time at the moment, in between errands and junk essential tasks, and thought it would be a fine time to check out Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge prompt words. This week he gives us pen and muse to work with, both excellent words for writers, right? Maybe, but they weren’t as easy to make work as I initially thought they would be. 

As I toyed with using them in different orders, stanzas, and ways in general I came up with this one that I actually rather liked.

pen swirls as I muse
how these words work together
is a big puzzle

I know: it’s not real accurate in that I’m typing on a tablet, not “swirling” out words with a pen. Still, it felt good to me and it opened my thoughts up, too. 

Later this evening, as I was finalizing this post, my ideas began to drift in a completely different direction. I quickly tapped out this bonus haiku, which is more “me” anyway.

with pen and paper
I muse the deeper meanings
in God’s holy Word

So this week you get a two-for-one post. And there should be something for everyone between the two entirely different haiku. I think it illustrates just how much fun, creativity, and of ourselves can come from/through these challenges: same prompt words, same poetry form, completely different outcomes.  

Friends #OctPoWriMo 

I may make it through OctPoWriMo after all! Nineteen poems (more actually) in 19 days hasn’t been as easy as I’d thought it would be; I know now why it’s called a “challenge”!

Last night this thought, which I may elaborate on later, swirled through my head: online friends are real friends and online communities are also real communities. Lots of people don’t, or won’t, understand/recognize this. But having been a part of them, made friends – real friends – via various online-means (no, no dating sites or any such thing before your mind wonders in the wrong places) I know that it can be a good, real, and beneficial thing. 

The idea expanded itself into this crowned odquain I share now. 

Met online
Never in person
Yet we are very real friends

But real close caring
More than many face to face

Know many
Online  folks better
Than I do two houses from

Don’t get it
Can’t understand how
Strangers can become so close

And misunderstood
Not everyone will see the

Since I got this idea and wrote the first stanza last night, I didn’t have the prompt suggestion for today yet. The idea stuck and expanded so I chose to stay with my thought rather than use the optional prompts. 

A #Poetry Puzzle #OctPoWriMo #Paradelle

A difficult task is an understatement for today’s assignment for OctPoWriMo! Using two of the prompt phrases, I composed what I think is a Paradelle; I know it’s supposed to be, I’m just not positive I got it all right! 

Her light footsteps sounding with a crunch
Her light footsteps sounding with a crunch
As she slipped along through the thick forest
As she slipped along through the thick forest
Her footsteps sounding through the forest
Crunch lightly as she slipped along

In her shadow he followed at a distance
In her shadow he followed at a distance
Evading her sight as he lurked behind
Evading her sight as he lurked behind
Behind her he lurked in the distance
A shadow he followed her evading sight

He moves watching her from afar
He moves watching her from afar
Somewhere hiding in the dense cover
Somewhere hiding in the dense cover
Hiding from her watching somewhere
From the dense cover afar he moves

With thick cover he slipped along
Evading her sight as a shadow
Footsteps sounding a light crunch behind
He lurked watching somewhere from afar
He followed at a distance hiding
In through the forest dense she moves

During the first half of this event I’ve tried many new things; this has to be the hardest of them yet! I encourage you to give it a go if you haven’t yet. While I’m glad I made the attempt here, I doubt this form will be one you’ll see from me regularly, if ever again! (If you read the description of the form you’ll understand why I feel the joke was definitely on me LOL)

A Perfect Day #OctPoWriMo

The 15th day of OctPoWriMo brings us the thought of a perfect day: no limits, nothing out of bounds, what would your day be like? I pondered on this idea for quite a while, with many ideas playing around in my head. When I finally set out to write I thought I would use the trimeric form … but the best laid plans … and all that jazz.

As I wrote the story began to unfold in front of me, going to a different “day” and events than I’d planned. The trimeric I’d planned on using morphed into, something else: a quadmetric maybe, a whole new poetry form? Probably just a happy accident, as I’m pretty happy with the end-result.

The perfect day for me: what would it be?
I’d want my father back for a day;
There’s so much I’d like to say.
There’s maybe more I’d ask him.
Would that really be a perfect day?

I’d want my father back for a day
Nearly 40 years since he passed
Three quarters of my life he missed

There’s so much I’d like to say,
Tell him all about my life,
My kids, his grandson, and my wife.

There’s maybe more I’d ask him,
So much of what I have is faded memory.
And would he be proud of me?

Would that really be a perfect day?
Because I don’t know what we’d say.
What I have now I will treasure; forget “what ifs” forever.

It Will End: a #haiku

This has been a very busy week for this old man. But somehow I’ve managed to mostly keep up with my writing and comments/replies, if only a little slow in my responses. I reckon my love of writing, and the positive effects it has on me overall, and the enjoyment I get from the blogging world makes it easier to make time to keep on keepin’ on, as an old friend says. 

The prompt this week from our dear friend Ronovan is grief and pine; some say he’s being ornery and trying to stump us but I doubt he’d do that! LOL So, inspired by his easy prompt-words for the week I composed this haiku. 

a loved one lost brings
grief tears and pining for them
in Heaven will end

In truth, the actual inspiration was the following quote; I just made Ronovan’s words work 😉

Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

That Bridge: a chained #tanka #OctPoWriMo 

Have you ever done something, been happy with it, fininished it all up, going along your merry way, only to have second thoughts about how you could’ve done it differently for hours? If you’re the creative-type (or OCD a perfectionist) I’m sure you have. 

Well, this has been my dilemma all day since posting my piece for today’s OctPoWriMo prompt. And since this idea is driving me (even more) nutty I have given in to it! So, in my mind’s opinion, I share a better (or at least different) thought on the prompt in a chained tanka.

bridge to tomorrow –
beckoning for me to come
there from yesterday
what I see now as that bridge
is actually today

the past is just that
the future lies out ahead
I stand on today
the bridge we will never cross
because it’s always today

today never ends
tomorrow will never come
yesterday ne’er was
the illusion of that bridge
is just our reality

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”
Bill Keane 


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