Haiku Horizons Challenge

Trick #Haiku

The weather has been abnormally warm here of late. I image that will change soon enough.

Summer like weather
Warm sunny cloud free skies
Trick us – cold comes soon

Haiku Horizons weekly prompt seemed very appropriated given the above – and that Trick or Treat just passed! 🙂

Hot Dog, Cooling Off #haiku

Petey is almost the perfect dog – almost. Good with people, kids, other animals. Minds well (most of the time), doesn’t chew on or tear stuff up. He is lovable, loyal, and fun. But he can’t resist the temptation to escape from our fenced yard; no matter many how places we fix, he finds or makes new escape routes. 

He is also very averse to the heat. But has no inhibitions on cooling himself in the most convenient – if not dirty – place he can find. He demonstrated that, which brings him down to almost perfect, this afternoon after a run around the yard – outside the fence of course – and then taking a nice “dip” to cool himself before coming back inside. 

Yeah, he earned himself a bath post-dip. 

little dog not made
to take the heat of summer
run to mud puddle