Badgers hexastitch

#OctPoWriMo Purple 

(During my editing I accidentally “jumped the gun”; this was supposed to be published tomorrow, not today!)

Day 4 of #OctPoWriMo brings the prompt word purple. I immediately had the idea in my head of the symbolism of this color; I tried to go in another direction but couldn’t get there. So, I eventually went with it, using Badger’s Hexastitch as my form. 

fine silk
purple and gold
royalty manifested
all who see are aware

Birth of a Poem: Apology

Have you ever felt the need to write but can’t find the what to write? Of course you have, if you’re a writer anyway. And I do fancy myself a writer, if there’s any question about that. This evening I sat staring at a blank computer screen, not because the computer was broken or turned off either. I couldn’t find the words to write anything. Normally when I sit down to write I already have a thought or form or something in mind but not tonight, not when I had the time and the desire to do it. So I shut off the PC and headed to bed. 

I always do some reading before I go to sleep and tonight I decided to browse my reader feed for a few minutes before officially calling it a day. After clicking a few posts I found I prompt that for some reason stuck out to me: apology. I don’t feel particularly in need of apologizing to anyone so I don’t know why this hit me tonight, it just did. 

I popped open my browser and looked at some poetry forms and again one jumped out at me, one I’d never heard of or tried before: Badger’s Hexastitch. The resulting composition came faster, much faster, than writing this post. So, for whatever reason, I share with you my Apology.

we can’t express
how our hearts truly feel
can’t seem to open up
fail us