Bruised Bananas and Sweet Memories

As you probably know, I recently lost my beloved pet, Gypsy. And I am starting to move from the every time I think about her I tear up stage to the what a joy she was to have stage. Today I had a good laugh, and handful of yuck, when I absentmindedly gave Petey, our youngest “fur child”, a piece of bruised banana. 

Gypsy always loved fresh (or dried) fruit and vegetables; we had a hard time keeping tomatoes on the vine as she loved those the best. But she also liked many other fruits and vegetables, including the dark, bruised spots on my bananas; for some reason I can’t bring myself to eat that part. These spots never went to waste though as she would always be patiently awaiting her portion daily. 

Out of habit, I gave my bruised spot to Petey, forgetting that he doesn’t like bananas, bruised or not! It was an icky mess, of my own making in a way, I was treated to a few minutes later. But a good out-loud chuckle, too, remembering how much she enjoyed those bananas. 

I do not like bruised 
blackened spots on bananas
Gypsy loved them though