Must Bust: a #haiku

This week’s challenge from Ronovan Writes was truly a challenge for me! The prompt words are “must” and “bust”, which go pave me a few initial ideas- none of which I could make work. So I backed up, regrouped, and came up with one that did, though I’d say it’s far from my best piece.

life is filled with “musts”
often ending up as “busts”
I hit one more time

As you can see, the three lines make up two separate sentences, in this case totally unrelated it seems. But maybe it’s better than I give it credit for: What do you think?

Antiquing: photos from today

I found these two toasty, rusty pieces quite striking while out antiquing today.   

I like the patina from the rust.

    This piece struck me as interesting, too. Perhaps the background rug or the lighting, I don’t know, since normally I wouldn’t look twice at this.