#Haiku: tight and warm

For various and sundry reasons, I’ve not been in a writing/blogging frame-of-mind recently. Though generally I really enjoy writing and it usually makes me feel better, I’ve just not been in the zone – or even near the zone – lately. But today I’m feeling it a bit; and I miss participating and reading the many posts I usually do so I’m going to try to steal a few quality minutes today. 

This week our host, Ronovan, brings us two new prompt words – tight and warm – that inspired this new haiku. 

winter chill abounds
wrapped tight and warm protected
Spring brings butterflies

Ah, how I look forward to the change alluded to in this haiku! As many of you know, winter is not my favorite season! But Spring, that whole different story!

Have a blessed week all 🙂

Under: a haiku 

I should be well into dreamland by now; I’m exhausted. But I have these nasty things I not-so-affectionately call the night terrors: neuropathic pains left over as a result of the nerve damage I suffered years ago from CES. (If you look at my Maybe I Should’ve Started Here page you can learn more about all that.) As my nickname for them implies, they almost always strike at night, and come at completely random times. Often when they come I’m in such misery I can do nothing but writhe in pain. Occasionally they are mild enough to prevent me from sleeping but allow me to concentrate enough to read or, less often, write; usually what I can write while they torture me isn’t worth reading. But every now again I compose a piece that’s pretty good; this is one of those nights. 

Inspired by the prompt from Haiku Horizons this week, I thought about the not-so-subtle changing of the seasons this year which painted my mind with these images and then my screen in the words.  

blanket of leaves 

under blanket of
yellow orange and red leaves
lies end of summer 

Day 6 #OctPoWriMo

Today is day six of OctPoWriMo, a new to me challenge that I’ve really enjoyed thus far. “Life changes” is the theme for today’s prompt suggestion, along with using a counted-syllable style of writing. I chose to go with the theme (in my own way) and use the Shadorma again. 

There’s so muchI’d change if I could
Moments lost
Ever gone
We can change yesterday’s loss
Set new course today

While its human nature to wish to be able to set back the clock, we know that’s not possible. I know I have regrets; I imagine everyone does. But time lost worrying over past mistakes is time lost that we coul be re-setting for no more regretting. 

A Change of Luck: a #haiku/#haibun

Sometimes I feel stuck in a rut, like things are just out of sorts for me. I know that eventually things will change though, they have to: tides shift, seasons change, and so do our situations. I feel like I’m on the verge of one of those changes now, too. 

I can’t help but hope

My luck will change very soon-

Go from bad to worse!

Inspired by Ronovan Writes weekly challenge. 

End of an Era: a haibun

For many years my wife and I have been colloctors of old things. Sometimes we have had a “collection” in mind or working on, others finding old things that were just interesting to us. This hobby has been fueled the last few years as we have played with dealing in antiques and collectables, renting a space in a local antique mall. Of course to stock a space takes a lot of stuff … and space to store the needed items to rotate and re-stock the shop. I know what you’re thinking: No, we really aren’t hoarders! 🙂  But as we age and our styrength is drained by “life” the desire to collect and to resell has begun to wain and … to weigh on us. This week happened to be our community’s semi-annual sale and we decided to parse our inventory-stock and other “stuff”.  The ridding of the items, some valuable, gems, some, ah, not so much, was very freeing for us both. And we both are, I think, coming to the realization we just don’t have the time and ability to do this anymore; you might say we had an epiphany about how our lives have changed and are continuing to do so.

Young full of vigor
Surrounding selves with treasures
nary lost to age

Change upon us – did we choose 
Era ends then begins new

Linked to CDHK challenge #718 which, to me, speaks to loss and change. Take a gander and see what it says to you.