chess game

Chess Game: A Reflection on Life

As soon as I opened today’s email from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai I knew I wanted to play. And yes, since the challenge/prompt words are “chess game” I am doing a little word play in my opening paragraph, too!   

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Life itself is but
A chess game with endless moves
We can only loose

No matter what we think about or accomplish during  our time on Earth there’s one thing we are all assured: our time, life, will end at some point. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t play the game to the very best we can.

I’m not a big chess player or fan but I think that games are catalogued in some form and place for others to study and learn from. How we live our lives is our legacy we leave behind in the form of memories and “things” (like journals, handmade items, etcetera) our loved ones and friends, even folks we don’t know, can “study” and learn from. I believe it’s important to think about how we have played the game and what our record reflects.