Inspired by the prompt raindrops on Carpe Diem Haiku, I share this haiga (photo & haiku). The photo is mine, taken from inside my truck, looking out the windshield, as an autumn storm began to blow in. 

Dripping, spattering 
Raindrops driven by the wind 
And a single leaf 

Meadows – a haiku 

I’ve been browsing more and more blogs of late, reading more poetry and looking for haiku prompts. The other day one of the poetry blogs I read led me to Carpe Diem Haiku and a new prompt: meadows. I like to give the thought to my mind and take what comes, not fussing too much with it. Here is the thought that leapt from my mind. 

Out across yonder
Wind stirs the meadow flowers 
Dancing as alive

Birthday: A Haiku About Life and Beyond

This week’s prompt from Haiku Horizons is “birthday “. Having just had mine the thirteenth of last month, getting older and the path that I’m traveling on this side of eternity have been on my mind of late so it’s a very timely prompt for me.

Another year gone
Three hundred sixty five days
Closer to my home

One of these days, and we know not when, we are all going to come to the end of our life’s path and I’m ready to meet my Lord when that day comes. The Bible teaches we will all give an account on that Day of our life and decisions, whether you believe that now or not it is true. The New Testament repeatedly warns us to be ready: Are you ready? Your answer depends on your standing before God and the one question that you’ll be judged by: Did you accept His Son, His grace, by faith, to cover your debt? Nothing else will matter.