Flame and Ruby: a haiku 

Well, I I might be technically late this week since it’s after midnight now and I just realized I’ve not posted a haiku for Ronovan’s weekly challenge. But late or not here it goes!

Tonight I attended my daughter and son in law’s gender reveal party, something totally new to me. Basically the family (and they) found out the sex of their baby tonight; it’s their first child and our second grandchild. 

My daughter is the best daughter a dad could hope for, bar none. Her birthday is in July, as is her due date, so this was inspired by her and the son she’s carrying. 

a dazzling gemstone
sparkling amidst the sunshine
flaming red ruby

Taking Root: a tanka

Inspired by the word list provided by A Prompt Each Day, as follows: Garden, Deep, Wings, Home, Daughter, Trap, Journey, Pot, Feather & Jewel.

looking across the

daughter pot in hand
seedling transplanted 

the journey now begins as
roots grow deep in a new home