Critiquing The Debate in #Poetry #OctPoWriMo 

The presidential debate Sunday night was one unlike we have ever seen before, according to most of the talking heads. Personally, it seemed a lot like many I have seen: lots fuzzy facts flying, insulting comments and questionable things being said – typical really. And no matter which candidate you support you would not be being truthful if you disagree on that.

I thought that I would comment on something that I rarely ever comment on using OctPoWriMo’s prompt “lively” to express my overall thoughts on the debate and campaigns in general.

A lively conversation
Intense words exchanged
How much truth
How much false
Time will tell

Intense words exchanged
Between two opponents
Rhetoric flying wildly

How much truth
Was mixed in with
Statistics and party-lines

How much false
Things contorted, distorted
Morphed into false-reality

Time will tell
What we all really know
The truth and citizens are the real casualties

Written in the trimeric form.

Lead: a #haiku/haibun

Ah, election year is upon us. No, wait; it’s over a year until the election still. But for months we will get the pleasure of hearing how much better our lives are going to be if only we will support ____ (fill-in-the-blank)! Don’t get me wrong: I love living in the USA and having the freedom to cast my vote for who I believe will best lead our country. But I loathe the myriad of low-blow, nasty, and (boarding, at least, upon) corrupt commercials we have to endure before the votes are cast. 

looking ahead we
search for someone who can lead
us to better days

Really, how much better will our lives be just because of a handful of political offices change occupants? And if they have used the kind of ads I mentioned above – now think about this – are they really worthy of our vote in the first place? I think not.  

(Inspired by this week’s prompt from Haiku Horizons)