Follow: a #haiku

After misreading, or just totally confusing, a prompt word yesterday, I came back this morning with fresh thoughts (and the right prompt) to this week’s challenge from Haiku Horizons – “follow”.

I will follow You
trusting You along the way
eyes set on the prize

The haiku is a bit of a paraphrase of biblical teachings from 1 Corinthians, Philippians, and 2 Timothy where the Apostle Paul speaks about running the race, staying the course, to obtain the prize: eternal life in perfect fellowship with God. 

I know the difficulty of staying on course in this life, with the many pitfalls and potholes along the road. I can’t imagine the hardships Paul endured during his ministry and yet he never lost faith; if you’re not familiar with Paul’s life take time to read about his journeys in the book of Acts and you’ll see what I mean.

Though I doubt I’ll ever endure nearly as much as Paul did, I’m confident that God will bring me through whatever I do face. He’s the same, unchanging God today that He always has and always will be. And He treats us all the same, not holding one as better than another. The only difference being those that accept Him and those that reject Him.