The last couple of days have been so much better- no reading below 80 mg/dL, perfectly normal. Today has been especially good, with energy to actually do something with nearly passing out from trying. I rider-mowed the front yard, cleaned the mower’s deck and tires, changed out our busted water hose for a new one, put it all away (even bagging up the old hose), and got my tonneau cover put back on my truck; granted the last item was a 5-10 minute task for a “normal” person but it took me closer to 20 (glad I bought the lightweight, easy on/off version!). And all of this before noon!

I have high hopes that this change I’ve made in my meds is going to be the right one – and a good one for me. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had the get up and go to accomplish so much in a single day, let alone in a few hours. With God’s help, I feel one big step closer to being the master over this disease.