What Do We #Fear #OctPoWriMo #Shadorma 

What do we fear? How honest are we with ourselves in evaluating our lives, be it as a hobbyist, professional, parent, or any other part of our being? That is the thought I took away from today’s installment of OctPoWriMo. The emphasis is on our writing – go figure, right – for this prompt. But as I said above, it can apply to any piece of our lives. 

The prompt suggestions are in the post; I decided to write a Shadorma using the three suggested words rather than the Blitz. 

Rarely left to chance.
We fear truth,
Raw reviews.
We feel we are too exposed-
So we just hold back

I have to say I’m really enjoying these challenging daily prompts, many of which push me out of my comfort zone and have gotten me to explore new writing styles. I didn’t really think I’d stay with the 31-day challenge but now that I’m into it, I’m pretty certain I’ll make it through to the end.