Flame and Ruby: a haiku 

Well, I I might be technically late this week since it’s after midnight now and I just realized I’ve not posted a haiku for Ronovan’s weekly challenge. But late or not here it goes!

Tonight I attended my daughter and son in law’s gender reveal party, something totally new to me. Basically the family (and they) found out the sex of their baby tonight; it’s their first child and our second grandchild. 

My daughter is the best daughter a dad could hope for, bar none. Her birthday is in July, as is her due date, so this was inspired by her and the son she’s carrying. 

a dazzling gemstone
sparkling amidst the sunshine
flaming red ruby

Give Up: a haiku/haibun

Today I sold my “butt rug”, a sheepskin seat cover I used on my motorcycle seat that provided cool air in the heat and warm insulation in the cold. I had no use for it anymore: we sold the bikes three years ago now I reckon – my how time flies.

If you’d have asked me, oh, six years ago if we’d ever be off the bikes I’d have said no, Lord willing, barring an injury or some thing like that. It never entered my mind that very soon our lives would change so dramatically – and so quickly. There’s not a lot of time for riding when you are tending to a child, now 6-years old but merely a toddler then. Who knew that becoming grandparents would be such a life altering event. So, the bikes had to go. I think we made a mighty fine trade.  

 Sheepskin seat cover or

Sheepskin seat cover or “butt rug”

looking forward we
can’t see what the future holds
or what we’ll give up

Linked to Ronovan Writes weekly haiku prompt.