Truly Thankful

The bird and dressing have been in a low, slow oven since late last night. Soon it’ll be time to start cooking all of the trimmings and getting the final items ready for today’s feast. As I sit here writing this, enjoying a cup of coffee, watching cartoons with my grandson, I am very thankful for this day, more than I have been in years probably.

Looking back, I’ve not felt as good as I do now, the last few months, in a couple of years or longer. Yes, I’m a diabetic now and have to make better and different choices, but those changes have led to a much healthier and happier me. I look forward to these things only getting better and being around and more useful for and to my family for quite some time, Lord willing.

I am not even apprehensive about the big carb-filled meal we’ll be sitting down to in a matter of hours. I know there’s a good chance I’ll make a poor choice but I’m conscious of what it too much now and know a bad choice or day doesn’t mean doom. I’m also very close to one of my short term weight goals and very motivated to hit it. So I plan on just enjoying the time and the meal with my family, without worrying over little things.

God has truly blessed me in my life. And I , now, see this diagnosis as a Type-2 diabetic as a blessing in disguise. Without it who knows how poor my health would be and how far I would’ve already deteriorated. Yes, u truly am a thankful man today – and everyday.