Rest Awhile: a tanka/haiga 

Image Source: Park Bench WPC by Wayne Ray (via Wikimedia Commons: click image to go there).

sun bathed wooden bench
invites old man – sit awhile
rest yourself on me

sunlight warms and soothes your bones
breeze carries worries away

Clouds: a haiku/haiga 

After more than a week, I believe, of missing one of my favorite haiku prompts I sat down this morning with the intention of joining back in today if for only a little while. I have been extremely busy, and down with my ailments a bit, too, the last couple of weeks and not able to participate in many of these exercises. And I’m afraid I am entering a rather busy season and may not be able to participate as regularly as I would like in the coming weeks.

Picking up with the theme of “summertime”, our host at CDHK has selected the word “clouds” for today’s inspiration. Since I love to look at the sky watch the clouds, in all their shapes and colors, this one was a fun one for me to do.  Although I don’t do it as much as I used to, I used to be a fairly prolific cloud–photographer. I looked through some of my recent photographs and found one that inspired me to pen the follow a poem.

© Greg Wolford 

painted skies above
copious colorful clouds
brightening my day

Witch Hazel

This evening as I browsed some of the blogs I’ve taken to reading I came across another challenge I couldn’t pass up. Carpe Diem Haiku Kai has had some interesting challenges since I started following them, some of which I’ve missed, others I’ve entered, and a few I just didn’t have time to get to. But the topic for this challenge/prompt was right up my alley: I figure, once again, to be a little different in my take than most folks will. The challenge words are “witch hazel” and here is my Haiga. 


Stirring her cauldron 
Witch Hazel cackles aloud
Waif Waffles for lunch

I’m sure some of you won’t be familiar with the cartoon character Witch Hazel or her recipes so here’s a link to her “bio”; it is also where the photo came from I used for the Haiga. 

I hope you have as much fun with this as I did, though I suspect I might have enjoyed more!