Social Media: separate or combine?

While perusing some of the “tags” I follow in my Reader yesterday I came across a post by Alice pondering upon something I had struggled with in the past: her post’s title tells it all, Personal vs Work Related Profiles. After reading her post and commenting I thought I’d share my thoughts on the subject here. 

While I do maintain two separate blogs, I only have one Instagram and Twitter account, both under my name (surprise! LOL). I have a couple of topics that I write, tweet, and share photos of, including a daily verse from Scripture that I make into a graphic art (maybe not real art) piece I post (almost) every day; one of the other things I frequently post is tobacco pipe related. While the two things actually do go hand-in-hand, both historically and still today, I know that all of my followers aren’t “into” each of them. At first I was not sure if I should separate the two or not, like I have with the blogs. But after a while I came to a simple conclusion: I am who I am and my faith is going to show through no matter where or how I go about things, which is good. And I want my online friends and followers to see all of me, not a censored version, so to speak. So for me it really was an easy decision to have just one account. Now, back to the separate blogs that I keep.  

Even though I intended this blog in the beginning to be about my journey as a diabetic it quickly began to evolve into much more. And my faith has been a prominent part of this blog already, too. As I said before, that is who I am so it should be prominent here just as it is in my daily life. I do everything online as “me” because I have nothing to hide or that I’m ashamed of that I post/publish. That’s not to say I post everything I think, say, do, or have an opinion on because I don’t; some things I keep to myself and I think that’s how it should be. What a better place the World Wide Web would be if everyone had to be accountable for there posts, rants, and ramblings, in my humble opinion anyway. But that’s another subject for another day – perhaps. 

Goodnight Winter

The more I read different blogs the more I learn about writing (and many other things) better. I also learn new techniques and styles, ways and means of doing things; most prominently I have learned a ton about restoring old pipes, a hobby I dearly enjoy. But more recently I’m learning more about different and unique styles of writing, focusing today on  haiga – haiku with/on photos. 

This is my third attempt at haiga  and the first that I think I’ve actually done right! I’ve used the Carpe Diem Haiku prompt for all three of them, this one included, but just realized the words are supposed to be on the photo, not just near it! Oh well, at least I’m learning!

This challenge really challened me, too. It is about spring equinox; please click the link to read all about it, as there’s quite an intersection story that goes with the challenge. 


Goodnight cold and grey
This equinox spells your end
Spring is here today

If you read my posts you probably know I usually get an idea, work it right up and “bam”, that’s what I have: simple. Occasionally it doesn’t go that way and this was on of those occasions. I knew kind of what I wanted to say but exactly which photo I wanted to say it with.