Winter Approaches #Tanka #OctPoWriMo

Today is the first day we have had that really feels fall-like in my neck of the woods; it’s cool, grey, and rainy. Soon the leaves will all be gone, bursts of color replaced by empty, dormant branches. 

Fall color displayed

Trees painted mountains ablaze

Winter rain moves through 

Winds cut foliage away

Grey landscape – winter draws near

Inspired by the weather and linked to the OctPoWriMo daily prompt

Fall Flair #OctPoWriMo

We are halfway through the month now and I am, surprisingly, keeping up with little trouble. I can’t say that all of my posts were great, necessarily, but I’m writing regularly at least! Inspired by OctPoWriMo day 16 prompt blue.

Crisp, fresh smells the air,

Giving hint of the season new. 

Look yonder, over there,

Against the sky of blue,

Foliage change  shows fall flair.