Anxious Anticipation Today

I go in for my first real post-diagnosis doctor visit today and I’m a little nervous, though I’m not sure why. For whatever reason, I’m not having blood work today, which surprised me, so there’s no anxiety there. Well, I’ll probably have my A1C checked since that’s an in-office test, so maybe I am having some blood work done. I’m interested to see what my weight is on their scales, fully dressed, like I was last time, compared to what my scales say in my pajamas.

I’m not anxious about breaking the news that I stopped taking the Glyburide, not at all. I have all my data ready to show her; I’m taking my notebook and iPad rather than printing everything out. I can email her copies of anything she wants/needs in the office while I’m there.

While I know that my overall BG is much better, for some reason I’m a little anxious about what she is going to think. My gut tells me that she’s going to be happy, maybe even impressed with the changes and improvements I’ve made, but for some reason I have a nagging kind of dread about being wrong about that.

I finally remembered to pick up whole, old fashioned oats yesterday; it’s the first time in a very long time I have made them. I remembered something about them pretty fast this morning: they boil over in the microwave in the bowls we have. So, I started the day with a big, sticky mess and lost “x” amount of the oatmeal. Lord, please don’t let this whole day go like that.