Starting the Day: a #haiku #haibun

Summertime is almost always a very busy season for me but this year is an exception: It’s been even more busy than normal! I’m longing for the end of this busy time so I can settle back into my normal (dull?) routine to be very honest!

This week when I read the prompt words from Ronovan’s weekly challenge I immediately thought I would be writing a spiritual piece; with the words rise and save I seemed to have the perfect opportunity to do so, at least that’s what I though. But as I tried to piece together a haiku that “worked” and that I was pleased with I ended up writing a more mundane account of how today (and most days) are kicked off. 

rising each morning
groggily starting the day-
saved by my coffee

Summer Morning: a haiku/haibun

I start out everyday with a routine, a rather boring one: take medicine, brew coffee, let the dogs out. Opening the door to let the “fur kids” into the fenced yard is the only variable, really, of the morning; I never know what the air outside is going to fee like, though I often have an idea. 

open door to find
typical summer morning
hazy hot humid

Linked to CDHK prompt “summer morning”.