Move On: a haiku 

I stumbled across this prompt in my feed today; I’ve been very busy the last week or so and am behind (again) in my reading and writing (and everything else). The prompt is the phrase “Let go“.

the past is just that
what’s gone is forever gone
move on and let go

I think clinging onto past events and sorrows are a problem we all have, at least from time to time. If and when we will just realize the past is over, can’t be changed, learn and move on the we can be free to grow and prosper. 

Haiku Challenge- Miss and Past

This afternoon I began opening my emails and was pleased to find the first haiku challenge of the week from Ronovan Writes: miss & past. To be honest, this was the second challenge in my inbox but I missed the deadline for the other one; I’m not always great with time-sensitive creative things! LOL 

Anyway, as usual, I spent a long time pondering the challenge – about 2 minutes – and then out popped the following haiku:

Some folks miss the past
Some focus on the future 
I live for today 

This haiku really fits me and my life pretty well. Yes, I make preparations for some things but overall I live for today. I know that the next moment may be my last; the Bible teaches we aren’t guaranteed another day of life. I know that I can’t change a thing by worrying about it; all I can do is move forward today in a way that is honest, honorable, and brings glory to God. 
I also feel that the memories and values we leave and impart are the most valuable things there are/we can do.  So I try to live as if this is “it”; I need to be prepared to leave this life at all times and do my best to leave behind a godly legacy to my family and friend and make sure I’ve not left anything that needs amends in my relationships.
Yes, it can be a tall order. And yes, I do fail at times, more than I’d like to admit realm. But overall I think it’s really the only way, for me at least, to live.