Swampfoot #OctPoWriMo

Day 5 of OctPoWriMo gives us the prompt word sharp. Many ideas danced around in my mind as I mulled this over; there are so, so many ways that we can use the word sharp or one of its synonyms. After much contemplation an idea finally stuck out – meet Swampfoot.

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I know a guy called Swampfoot,
a musician who’s really good.
He plays rhythm & blues,
jazz and southern gospel, too.

Though he plays a mean mouth harp
and on the banjo is quite sharp,
you just gotta know the facts:
cigar-box guitar is really his axe.

Swampfoot is actually my son-in-law, so I may be a little biased but I think he’s a really talented guy, and I know he is a good husband and father. Here are a few clips of him playing and there are many more on his channel if you enjoy these, as I hope you do!

Abandoned: a #tanka

The mid-week wordle from APED provided these words to work with: Buy, Abandoned, Again, Dad, Mystery, Story, Mouse, Nothing, Glimpse and Soul (see the link for the guidelines).

It didn’t take me long to compose a tanka using most of them. 

abandoned again
it cuts through my very soul
where are you Daddy?

glimpse at me and tears you’ll see

but pain – my story 

Ronovan’s Challenge #38- Ill & Rest

Despite being very under the weather and in the hospital, Ronovan has kept up his work not only on his blog but also his challenge prompts. This week’s words – ill and rest – are pretty obvious as to their inspiration. But they proved to be a good challenge no matter their source, though I’m sure he would’ve been happy to have not had the inspiration for them! Thanks always go out to you, Ron, for your time and effort but this week extra prayers, too, for a speedy recovery. 

Morally ill but
We are so blind we don’t see
We’re just like the rest

I will leave the haiku here, without further commentary, so you may ponder upon it a bit yourself. Feel free to leave comments and/or interpretations in the section below.