Tune Out the Rhetoric #BeWoW

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away … oh, wait, that’s a different story. What seems like a lifetime ago, all kidding aside, I used to be really into politics. But over the years my priorities have shifted, not saying politics isn’t important, to different issues/things and my interest in it has diminished. In fact, this is probably the first and last thing I’ll post about it – and it’s not even partisan, endorsing, or pandering. But hopefully it will be a little enlightening and thought provoking. 

In the United States we are full-swing into the campaigning season for the 2016 elections. (As a side note, I wish we were like other countries that limited the time candidates can inundate us with their too often untrue and slimey ads – but we don’t have that relief here, so onto my thought.) I am sick of candidates playing on our ignorance, and I use that word in the proper sense, not disparagingly, meaning the lack of knowledge

This is no new tactic; for years “they” have been feeding of the our collective fears of loosing our jobs, Social Security benefits, insurance, and much more. But now they (some anyway) are attempting to use our dislike or the unpopularity of the man who the country has elected president in the last two elections: Barak Obama. 

I know: many people don’t care for his policies or other things, many didn’t vote for him either. I get all that. But he is at his term limit; he can not be re-elected and come January 2016 will no longer be in the White House, no longer President, not longer making policy, etcetera. So why is it so many candidates are still saying in their ads how they’ll stand up to, fight against, or otherwise oppose Obama? Because of ignorance. By the time they are in office he will be out of office! 

Know who you are voting for. Know what they stand in/for and believe. And know who is playing the “ignorance card”. The. decide for yourself just who the ignorant one is: the candidate making these claims or the voter believing them. 

It has been well said that knowledge is power; empower yourself and vote for the candidates that align with your thoughts and beliefs, not out of fear. Tune out the deafening rhetoric and vote your conscience. 

Lead: a #haiku/haibun

Ah, election year is upon us. No, wait; it’s over a year until the election still. But for months we will get the pleasure of hearing how much better our lives are going to be if only we will support ____ (fill-in-the-blank)! Don’t get me wrong: I love living in the USA and having the freedom to cast my vote for who I believe will best lead our country. But I loathe the myriad of low-blow, nasty, and (boarding, at least, upon) corrupt commercials we have to endure before the votes are cast. 

looking ahead we
search for someone who can lead
us to better days

Really, how much better will our lives be just because of a handful of political offices change occupants? And if they have used the kind of ads I mentioned above – now think about this – are they really worthy of our vote in the first place? I think not.  

(Inspired by this week’s prompt from Haiku Horizons)