What’s There to Worry About?

Well, despite my worry, my appointment went great today! And I am doing a lot more than my medical team is used to seeing; they were really impressed with my research, logged information (diet, BG, exercise, etcetera) and especially the changes I’ve made and progress I’ve made.

My initial A1C two months ago was 14.3 (I’m a little foggy on that but it’s close); today it was – after only 60 days – 6.5!! I was really hoping to be 7 or less and I made it. I’ve “officially” by their scales lost 13 pounds, too; mine says 15 lol. And that’s intentional weight loss, unlike the 40-ish pounds I lost previously because of uncontrolled diabetes. They were very impressed how I researched the meds, looked at my own charts and data and realized Glyburide was a problem for me, not a help. And they seemed pretty amazed when I expla Alan_S and Jenny’s “test, test, test” concept to keep my BG in check all the time, or as much as I’ve been able so far; I test mostly 1 and 2 hours after meals to see how foods and things are working with my body and medicines, not, now, being as concerned with what the pre-meal number is.

My FBG has been a little high I thought since I eliminated the Glyburide; it’s usually 90-101. But she thought that was excellent. In fact, she thought my body has begun to heal and right itself remarkably well. Not to minimize my effort, having great resources to learn from and a loving, supportive family has been huge in this, but ultimately the success comes from the Designer of this body; without God’s help I’d be a worse mess than I am – in many ways!

So I reckon my anxiety was all for naught- and I’m sure glad if that! I go back for total blood panel, A1C, and a new-to-me test 24-hour protein right before Christmas. That ought to help motivate me to stay strong during the holidays!