After Dinner #Haiku

As we left the restaurant from our dinner out last night a spring storm began to move in. While I waited in the truk for my wife, I noticed the roses in front of me begin to wave with the breeze; I’m not sure I captured it in the photo but hopefully I did in the haiku. 

dark skies descend
roses dancing in the wind
spring rains approaching

#Haiku: tight and warm

For various and sundry reasons, I’ve not been in a writing/blogging frame-of-mind recently. Though generally I really enjoy writing and it usually makes me feel better, I’ve just not been in the zone – or even near the zone – lately. But today I’m feeling it a bit; and I miss participating and reading the many posts I usually do so I’m going to try to steal a few quality minutes today. 

This week our host, Ronovan, brings us two new prompt words – tight and warm – that inspired this new haiku. 

winter chill abounds
wrapped tight and warm protected
Spring brings butterflies

Ah, how I look forward to the change alluded to in this haiku! As many of you know, winter is not my favorite season! But Spring, that whole different story!

Have a blessed week all 🙂

Peonies: a haiku 

The prompt for this poem was, for me, a little vague; of course I can barely imagine the time and effort our host at CDHK invests almost daily so this is not meant to be critical. So, I took the thoughts that the example haiku gave me and “wrote” with them!

spring rains green the grass
dandelions invading 
peonies will soon bloom

Many thanks to Chèvrefeuille for the work he does that spawns so much creativity!