RonovanWrites #Haiku Challenge No 80

I’ve been under the weather with various irritating but not (too) threatening ailments of late. This has led to a marked drop off in any kind of productivity on any front – which is quite irritating in and of itself, I might add. 

As I was preparing for bed tonight, for some reason, I felt compelled to look at Ronovan’s weekly haiku prompts. One thing led to another, thoughts of recent events and such, and I ended up with two haiku; be warned- they ain’t the best I’ve ever produced! LOL And I took some “thesaurus liberty” in their composition, too. Quite rebellious for me: Must be the stress getting to me 😉

simple direct that’s
simply my peculiar style
different perhaps

And another different perspective on the same prompt words. 

fresh new energized
that’s beyond our comfort zone
none of that found here

Remember: You were warned before reading them! LOL