The Pitch: a haiku 

This week Ronovan brings us another fun challenge providing the words “pitch” and “time” for our prompts. 

Coming from a long background in sales, my take on this will, likely, be very different than most other folks’, which isn’t at all unusual for me! LOL

salesman throw their pitch
with hopes the timing is right 
the deal will be made

There Will be Blood …

The past few weeks since my diagnosis I’ve been reading a lot, when my eyes cooperate, on diabetes. And I have learned quite a bit already, too. The single biggest thing I’ve learned is that testing my blood glucose (BG) level is paramount in getting a handle on this “thing” and that the “twice daily” that I was prescribed by my doctor, as is the case with most diabetics, isn’t enough.

The fasting, first thing in the morning test tells me how I’m starting out the day and what my last snack did for me. But it is a number that’s more important to the doctor than to me. And the one test, two hours after any meal, is important to the doc, too, but doesn’t really tell me much; I need to know what it was before I ate anything and what time it actually is at it’s highest (the “spike), which isn’t necessarily two hours after I’ve finished eating. For many diabetics the spike occurs at around an hour after meals, not two, so finding when that happens requires extra tests; this week I’m doing a test before every meal and again every 30 minutes after meals for 90 minute to two hours, depending in the results.

I hope that I can narrow down my time in just a few days; all the testing takes a lot if strips and blood, making for some sore fingers. Of course sore fingers for a short while are much preferred over the potential complications of uncontrolled or not well managed diabetes.

Oh boy, my 39 minutes are up; off to poke – again!