Tomorrow will Come: a tanka

Earlier this week CDHK had a challenge using the words priest and morning glory. Well, as I mentioned in another post, writing hasn’t been something that I’ve had the chance to do or felt much like doing the past week or so. I missed the submission dates on several prompts that I enjoy doing and/or wanted to write about, this one being one of them. But the idea I had, which didn’t match up exactly with the terminology, or most folks ideas in all likelihood, stuck with me all week. Today I have a (very) few extra minutes so I wanted to put this together and publish it while I have the opportunity; it may be the only writing I do this weekend.

Jesus the high priest
in His presence I’ll wake one
glorious morning

may be my bed or His throne
tomorrow I’ll awaken

There are lots of things in our lives we worry about, get anxious over, and expend energy on; the majority of these things are beyond our control making them a useless hindrance in my opinion (even though I’m as guilty as any as falling into the trap of doing these things).
If you’ve read much of my blog, here or my other one, you know I’m a man of faith. Sometimes I need a boost to my faith and pray for that, following the example of the disciples as recorded in Scripture.

“And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith.” Luke 17:5

But one thing I’m confident about, that I don’t need a boost to know: Tomorrow will come, and I will wake up, be it here, in this life, or over yonder, in the next, with The Lord.