Solitude: a haiku and photo 

The word solitude is another, like bliss, that can mean many things depending on the person and/or situation it is used by/in. 

A week or so ago my family and I were at a local park which has both a lake and a pond; we were by the lake this day. I don’t recall what we were doing that day but I do remember feeling so very quiet and peaceful: the sounds of the water, the waves and fountain splashing, the fresh air and birdsong were all just comforting to me, a type of solitude. It was at that moment I took this photo, which inspired the following haiku.  

Lake William in Barboursville, WV

waters gentle sounds
fountain ripples it’s surface
peacefulness abounds

Swimming By: #Photo101 and haiku 

I took my son and grandson fishing at a local lake yesterday. We had a grand time; each of us caught several fish and just enjoyed being outside and with each other. 

As we fished these two ducks came swimming by, as if we (or our fishing lines) weren’t even there. I was lucky enough to snap a decent photo just as they got in front of me, a mere two or three yards away.  

© Greg Wolford

The scene inspired this little haiku when I looked at it today. 

 Ducks swim by as the
Light glimmers on the water
With gentle ripples

Occasional Treat: a haiku 

This week Ronovan threw out some tough prompt words for his weekly challenge: bard and water. I actually thought about these off and on all week, being kind of stumped. This evening I checked the definition of bard to see if I could find inspiration – and I did! This is the secondary definition given:

Bard (2)
noun: bard; plural noun: bards
a slice of bacon placed on meat or game before roasting.

Ah, now I have something different to work with!

bard on my filet
is my occasional treat
a sparkling water

Thanks for another inspiring, fun, and challenging set of prompt words!