Winter Approaches #Tanka #OctPoWriMo

Today is the first day we have had that really feels fall-like in my neck of the woods; it’s cool, grey, and rainy. Soon the leaves will all be gone, bursts of color replaced by empty, dormant branches. 

Fall color displayed

Trees painted mountains ablaze

Winter rain moves through 

Winds cut foliage away

Grey landscape – winter draws near

Inspired by the weather and linked to the OctPoWriMo daily prompt

#Haiku: tight and warm

For various and sundry reasons, I’ve not been in a writing/blogging frame-of-mind recently. Though generally I really enjoy writing and it usually makes me feel better, I’ve just not been in the zone – or even near the zone – lately. But today I’m feeling it a bit; and I miss participating and reading the many posts I usually do so I’m going to try to steal a few quality minutes today. 

This week our host, Ronovan, brings us two new prompt words – tight and warm – that inspired this new haiku. 

winter chill abounds
wrapped tight and warm protected
Spring brings butterflies

Ah, how I look forward to the change alluded to in this haiku! As many of you know, winter is not my favorite season! But Spring, that whole different story!

Have a blessed week all 🙂

Change is Coming 

As I sat on my deck this afternoon with the sun shining brightly around me, drinking in the lovely day, it was hard to imagine that merely a week ago we were snowed in. Seven days later, we’d gone from 20° F and about 15″ of snow to sunshine and 70°! While I know this break is not the end of winter – we have had a foot of snow on April 1 before (no April-fooling there) – it does kindle thoughts of the changes that are coming. 

nature slumbers now
gray barren days tick away
as slowly she wakes 

It won’t be terribly long until the cold, overcast days are replaced with new life, full of color, vibrancy, and hope. Hope? Yes, hope. For with the “new” there always comes “hope” for better, stronger, you name it. And with hope we can stand strong through the coldest, darkest of times. 

Psalm 31:24 So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the LORD!

Winter Prowls: a #haiku

The leaves are changing, indeed beginning to fall, already. Nights are becoming more pleasant, cool and slightly crisp. Days, well, they are still fickle, ranging widely from summer-like to autumn-ish. But the winds that bring the rains this time of year, they are who betrays the trickery of the days, showing what lurks and will too soon be upon us. 

between gusts of wind
a bitter chill touches
winter prowls about

Inspired by Haiku Horizons weekly prompt.  

Seasons: a trimeric #poem

While browsing my blog feed this morning I came across a new-to-me poetry form called a trimeric. The style intrigued me so I thought I’d give it a go. (You can read more about this style HERE where I found it.)

The seasons change
Swinging to and fro
Crossing the spectrum
Wonder how it’ll go?

Swinging to and fro
Temperatures, humidity from
Very high or low

Crossing the spectrum
Winter freezes my bones
In summer I nearly smother

Wonder how it’ll go?
Forecasters seem to guess
Arthritis points towards a mess

The theme of the poem was inspired by prompt #83 from A Week for Writing, which is a flash prompt, limited to 50 words. I missed that limit initially and had to rewrite my poem to get it to 50 words from the original 67, not an easy thing for me but fun none the less!