Writers Quote Wednesday

Listen and Learn #BeWoW

If you’ve read many of my posts or know me very well then you know that my maternal grandfather, Papaw, was and still is a huge influence in my life. The stories and memories I could share involving him are almost endless. But today I’d like to share one specific story that has helped me my entire life, involving a small piece of advice he gave me. 

An eon or so ago when I decided to change careers and go into the car business I sought Papaw’s advice before actually taking the plunge. Of course, my wife and I had already discussed it at length but I wanted his input before I actually made a move. 

Although he gave me several pieces of good advice that day, after I had explained my position thoroughly to him, there’s one that jumped out in my mind today; that is what I want to share with you today: 


The Good Lord have you two ears and one mouth; use them in proportion. – Papaw

(I’m sure he wasn’t the first person to say those words but he was the first person I ever heard say them.)

These words served me well in my days in the car business. And they continue to do so today, long after that career has ended. 

You see, people need to know you care and listening attentively to what folks are saying shows them you do; it demonstrates your care for what they are saying, going through, in a way like none other can. It will help you to be a better spouse, parent, leader, and person-in-general, too. 

In the, in my opinion, extremely self-centered, narcissistic, “all about me” society, I think we would all do better to listen more and speak less. 

(This is my first time participating in Writer’s Quote Wednesday; make sure to check out the many great posts HERE.)