One Week Experiment Results

My one week of no Glyburide has concluded and it is with happiness I report the results are good. I experienced no abnormally low readings all week, one high that I should’ve anticipated, and felt much better overall. I plan to take my charts with me to my next doctors visit and explain my test, results and the reasons I’m dropping the medication. I doubt there will be anything positive she can illuminate me with to change my mind but I will listen.

The only downside to the week was feeling so much better and having extra energy I’m not used to having that I over did it on two days this week, making the following two days non-productive. But that’s a good problem to have to relearn to live with compared to nearly passing out from just showering, for example!

You can compare this week’s chart to the one I posted last week to really see the dramatic difference. IMG_0419-0.JPG

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