I Won … Nothing #BeWoW

See here for what being a BeWoW blogger is all about,

Last week I noticed some odd posts on Facebook; yes, odd even for Facebook. Browsing my feed before bedtime I noticed an old friend – who was always a cut up – posted something to the effect “Out of toilet paper; goodbye socks!”  I couldn’t resist and replied “Don’t flush!”, thinking I’d garner a laugh. Little did I know the laugh was on me!

A few seconds later he messaged me: I’d fallen for a prank, one supposedly to raise awareness for breast cancer. The note said I was to choose from 8 or maybe 10 made up statuses and post one and wait for my victims. I’m a big joker at heart, always have been and always will be I reckon, so I played along. 

The least outrageous and offensive choice “I just won $900 on a scratch off ticket” seemed to be the option for me so onto my status it went. Within three minutes I had four victims! I messaged them all the note I was sent and waited … and waited. It seemed no one else wanted to play! Even my dear, sweet daughter was “out” on this game. 

I pondered on it a few minutes and deleted the post, replacing it with an explanation of what it was and no hard feelings for not being amused. I also mentioned they should remember I don’t even play the lottery so it would be awfully hard for me to win it! That’s another story for another post though …

In 1995 I lost my dear grandmother, Granny as we all (still) call her, to breast cancer. I’m all for making sure this horrid disease stays in the forefront of our minds, the whole reason I “played” to begin with. But this wasn’t really the best way to do that: posting a silly statement for the world and my (church) kids to see and possibly misinterpret. No, this blog is a much better and hopefully effective way to remind the world of the life-stealing disease. And it is much more appropriate to honor a woman who deserves to be honored in an honorable way. 

Granny and Papaw inspired, molded, shaped, and taught me; I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for them and the role they played in my life. I thank
God daily for them and the time we had together. And I hope to honor God first and them next in who and what I am/do. 

“Papaw” Bill and “Granny” Iris Plybon, I dearly hope you know how much you’re still loved, adored, and missed. 

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