Home: a poem

I had some free time this afternoon so I decided to see what what today’s prompt at A Prompt Each Day was. I found a “wordle” – a list of words that you try to incorporate at least three of into a piece of writing, any style – that intrigued me. The word list is:

Clouds, Lake, Heads, Glee, Waves; Wishes, Naked, Talk, Rocks and Home.

This is my “weekend wordle”:

Beyond the naked trees of yesteryear,

Below the blue-gray cloudscape back-when,

A lake of memories lays here
Late night talks, hopes, and dreams

Thoughts, musings, and wishes

Waves of glee, fresh they seem
As she rocks in the old chair,

A smile gently wrinkles her face,

Home– in her mind she’s already there

I know, I slightly altered a couple of words but I think I kept them close enough to count; what do you think?


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