That Bridge: a chained #tanka #OctPoWriMo 

Have you ever done something, been happy with it, fininished it all up, going along your merry way, only to have second thoughts about how you could’ve done it differently for hours? If you’re the creative-type (or OCD a perfectionist) I’m sure you have. 

Well, this has been my dilemma all day since posting my piece for today’s OctPoWriMo prompt. And since this idea is driving me (even more) nutty I have given in to it! So, in my mind’s opinion, I share a better (or at least different) thought on the prompt in a chained tanka.

bridge to tomorrow –
beckoning for me to come
there from yesterday
what I see now as that bridge
is actually today

the past is just that
the future lies out ahead
I stand on today
the bridge we will never cross
because it’s always today

today never ends
tomorrow will never come
yesterday ne’er was
the illusion of that bridge
is just our reality

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”
Bill Keane 


This is also linked to the BeWoW and Writers Quote Wednesday communities, both of which you should check out!


  1. Oh I love what you did with this, Greg–well worth the “obsessing” (wink!). I’m wondering if you meant “as” in the 4th line: “what I see now IS bridge”? There’s such wisdom in your words–today being the bridge we’ll never cross, as today never ends; it’s all illusion. So well done!

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      1. I’m a terrible speller; they invented it for me LOL In college an English professor said something to me about my grumbling about spelling tests. I held up a then state-of-the-art pocket dictionary and said “That’s why I spent $50 on this; I know I’m a terrible speller!” LOL


      1. Okay, as an English Major it’s awfully hard for me not to 🙂 But I’m careful which blogs I “monitor” (wink)–some folks aren’t as agreeable/tolerant as you are.

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