One Family Race. My #BeWoW post.

So eloquently said, you really need to read this!


There has been a lot of violence lately in the US based on racial problems. There are even now reports of gangs, very prominent gangs, stating they are now going to be targeting the police. Apparent members of those gangs have since stated that is false.

I’m not one to describe races. I see skin tones and some physical differences but that’s not a different race. There is no such thing. I am greatly disturbed at the lack of response to curb the behavior of what’s happening. On one side, if you are an government employee you become a neutral party. There should be no need for anything said, but there is a

Some police officers, all the way up and down the chain are stupid. You can take that to the political arena if you like. Then you have the citizens. For some reason there is an environment…

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