End of an Era: a haibun

For many years my wife and I have been colloctors of old things. Sometimes we have had a “collection” in mind or working on, others finding old things that were just interesting to us. This hobby has been fueled the last few years as we have played with dealing in antiques and collectables, renting a space in a local antique mall. Of course to stock a space takes a lot of stuff … and space to store the needed items to rotate and re-stock the shop. I know what you’re thinking: No, we really aren’t hoarders! 🙂  But as we age and our styrength is drained by “life” the desire to collect and to resell has begun to wain and … to weigh on us. This week happened to be our community’s semi-annual sale and we decided to parse our inventory-stock and other “stuff”.  The ridding of the items, some valuable, gems, some, ah, not so much, was very freeing for us both. And we both are, I think, coming to the realization we just don’t have the time and ability to do this anymore; you might say we had an epiphany about how our lives have changed and are continuing to do so.

Young full of vigor
Surrounding selves with treasures
nary lost to age

Change upon us – did we choose 
Era ends then begins new

Linked to CDHK challenge #718 which, to me, speaks to loss and change. Take a gander and see what it says to you. 

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