Change is Coming 

As I sat on my deck this afternoon with the sun shining brightly around me, drinking in the lovely day, it was hard to imagine that merely a week ago we were snowed in. Seven days later, we’d gone from 20° F and about 15″ of snow to sunshine and 70°! While I know this break is not the end of winter – we have had a foot of snow on April 1 before (no April-fooling there) – it does kindle thoughts of the changes that are coming. 

nature slumbers now
gray barren days tick away
as slowly she wakes 

It won’t be terribly long until the cold, overcast days are replaced with new life, full of color, vibrancy, and hope. Hope? Yes, hope. For with the “new” there always comes “hope” for better, stronger, you name it. And with hope we can stand strong through the coldest, darkest of times. 

Psalm 31:24 So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the LORD!

A Change of Luck: a #haiku/#haibun

Sometimes I feel stuck in a rut, like things are just out of sorts for me. I know that eventually things will change though, they have to: tides shift, seasons change, and so do our situations. I feel like I’m on the verge of one of those changes now, too. 

I can’t help but hope

My luck will change very soon-

Go from bad to worse!

Inspired by Ronovan Writes weekly challenge. 

Skimming Through

The weekly prompt from Haiku Horizons this week is skim, and it is a good one for me at this time. Someone recently said that haikus are often mini-chapters of our lives and, for me at least, that’s usually the case- a snapshot of life if you will. 

The following is what the prompt produced for me, today, at this moment:

Life is in chaos
Upheaval abounds all ’round
Barely I skim through 

Highs and lows, peaks and valleys, we all go through them throughout our lives.  If I’m completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of change in any sense: it doesn’t matter if it’s perceived as good or bad, none of it is fun to me. Thankfully the situation we are in or facing now, especially if we see it as “bad”, is as sure as the season to change. We only need to hold onto our hope of a better day that is coming to get us through the valleys of life. 

‘Atop the Mountain

First off, my hat’s off to Ronovan for keeping up his weekly challenges and blog-work in general through a tough week: Kudos, my friend! The challenge words this weekfield and beacon – brought out a more more natural flow, with minimal effort, unlike one from last week from Haiku Horizons. 

Gazing yonder field
‘Atop the mountain is He
The beacon of hope 

The words and their product made me think of how Christ compared us to a city on a hill, who’s light ought to shine bringht, only it made me focus on how Jesus is the true light of hope for the whole of humanity